Installed PV capacity The Netherlands 739 MW

The Netherlands had a cumulative installed PV capacity of 739 MW at of the end of August, according to new statistics published by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on its Klimaatmonitor website. The country added 161 MW of new PV systems during the first 8 months of this year. For comparison, the Netherlands added 366 MW of PV power in full year 2013. The majority of the Netherlands’ installed PV capacity consists of small-scale PV systems built for self-consumption. These systems are registered under the country’s net-metering scheme, a program for which there are no official installation figures.

In addition to the net-metering scheme, the Netherlands has a green certificate (GC) program for larger PV systems. Approximately 103 MW of PV capacity had been installed under the GC program as of the end of July 2014, according to CertiqBV, the subsidiary of Dutch grid operator Tennet responsible for issuing GCs to renewable energy projects.