Energy Generation

Energy generation shifts from large scale and central to small scale and decentral. Two promising technologies are photo-voltaics and the fuel cell.


The development and application of photo-voltaic technology has dramatically increased the last number of years due to strong support programs by European governments. Further growth is expected due to additional demand in Asia and the USA. As a consequence prices are expected to continue to drop and power output per solar panel will further increase.

XL-EnergySolutions has a long track record in solar industry and, as a consequence, can identify and offer both cost-effective standard products as dedicated customised products for building integrated applications.

Fuel Cell

Due to an increase in renewable energy, balancing supply and demand gets more challenging. Fuel cell technology generates electricity on demand with a very high efficiency and low or zero CO2 emissions.

Conventional electricity generation has efficiencies below 50% taken into account additional transportation losses. Fuel cell technology generates up to 60% electricity of the original energy and can use the locally generated heat as well.